So, is it actually time to rebrand?

The million dollar question as your business grows. 

What's a rebrand, how do I do it, and why do I need to do it? 

Let me start by saying this, I'm a pro at rebranding.

Not only because I happen to be a web designer that thrives on building someone's vision, but because for a two year period I rebranded about every four months. 

Yep, seriously.

I've owned three domains. 
I've redesigned my website countless times.
I've redefined my website/blog's purpose more than I'd like to admit.
And, I felt like a total fraud the entire time. 

Rebranding at that rate is not a good idea. Please, take it from me. This is a lesson that you do not need to learn the hard way. It knocks your confidence, your credibility with your audience, and your audience and engagement numbers dwindle significantly. 

In this post, I’m deep diving into rebranding and I'm answering the most frequently asked rebranding questions I receive. So, let’s break this down, question-by-question, from rebranding basics to rebranding execution. 

What the fork is a "rebrand"?

Simply put, a rebrand can be a visual facelift, a pivot in what the company is offering, and even a blending of two different sides of the business. Typically a brand will rebrand after a few years in business. They now realize what works and what doesn't in regards to attracting their ideal customer. 

Here's some examples you might recognize...


All my US-based ladies, do you remember when Target did a slight rebrand? It's about the time when they introduced the Nate Berkus line, and it's also about the time when you started obsessing over Target's home section again. Their print catalogs started looking a little more like Anthropologie's and their in-store displays became swoon worthy. I don't know about you, but the home section quickly became my first stop inside the store. 

Denise Duffield-Thomas

If you've ever looked up money mindset and abundance you may have come across Denise's business, Lucky Bitch. Well, she just recently announced that she will be rebranding her business to her first and last name. She actually recorded a really interesting Facebook live video explaining the transition. As you may have guessed, a lot of it comes from the limits of having "Bitch" in the title of her business and product offerings. 

Do I need to rebrand?

Well, that really depends on where you are in your business. If you're a few years into your business and you've identified some branding points that are limiting you, then yes. Totally. Rebrand away. BUT, if you're going on a rebranding rampage like I did, then no. Remember the lesson from my rebranding journey, don't rebrand more than you absolutely have to. I recommend rebranding if you feel limited by your current brand, like Denise Duffield-Thomas. Changing a font or color on your website does not warrant a brand overhaul. 

Side note: Branding should be timeless. It should allow you and your business to grow and evolve over time. Want some branding help? Don't be afraid to slide into my Inbox

How does one rebrand?

Rebranding is a big deal. Seriously

You'll need to do some some serious strategizing and soul searching. My biz bestie and I call this sweet combo Stats + Soul.

You'll need to review the stats of your business.
What's working and what's not?
How can you better attract your ideal client/customer?
What kind of a client/customer do you NOT want to attract? 

But you'll also need to check in with your soul.
What feels good?
Are you in alignment with your deepest desires and soul purpose? 
How can you continue to serve your audience? 

Will I lose my current audience post-rebrand?

You might! I won't lie to you. 

The goal of rebranding is to better represent your brand and better connect with your DREAM client/customer. So, is it really that bad if someone less than your dream client/customer leaves your audience? Nope, not at all. It actually means that you're that much closer to your dream client/customer. Promise. ❤️


I know it. Branding can be a long and frustrating process! It's extremely exciting, but it also provides TONS of opportunities for self-doubt to creep in. It can be really helpful to have a guide throughout the entire process. If that's not currently in the budget, use the questions above to get started. They're straight from the rebranding process I use with my clients and will give you a great jump start. :)


More than anything else, remember that your brand has to be a direct reflection of YOU. It's really easy to get lost in the online world. Trust me, I've been there and it's not a pretty place to be. 🙋🏼 

Rooting for your success, 

Lindsey | Lindsey Allen Designs

What do you think? Is it time for a rebrand? You tell me! As always, your comments elevate this discussion. Would love to hear your thoughts, reactions, and questions.

What's a rebrand, how do I do it, and why do I need to do it? 
Three questions to ask yourself as you rebrand.
More than anything else, remember that your brand has to be a direct reflection of YOU.