Hey! I'm Lindsey.


I'm an intentional designer who wants to help bring your creative visions to life.  


Lindsey Allen Designs

I believe that good design makes your heart race, but great design makes you feel all the feels. And babe I'm hellbent on making you feel all the feels.

My work is characterized by...

clean lines, white space, beautifully curated scenes, and feel good vibes.

My brain is characterized by...

out of the box creativity, unparalleled perfectionism, a drive to create authentically, and an urge to put a smile on your sweet face.

I must say, it's a pretty lethal combination.

My day-to-day life is characterized by...

living with confidence, radiance, alignment, focus, and truth; weekly trips to the beach; geeking out over all things podcast (I actually cohost a podcast called Nourishing Real Talk with my biz bestie Jenna Teague.); and obsessing over tri-blends and combed-cotton as I manage my clothing company. Yep, seriously! It's called Fearlessly Authentic Living.

So what do you say?

Should we make some digital magic and bring your visions to life?