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Lindsey Allen Designs
Intentional designer looking to bring your unique vision to life.

Danielle Stroble


our aim

To create a beautifully styled visual brand and online home, which displays all things Danielle Stroble to your audience.

We will also be conscious to allow flexibility for it to grow with you as your business grows with you.

All visual elements will be aligned with your unique values and mission ensuring when newcomers arrive at your website, they'll not only know they're in the right place, they'll feel it in their gut. A great first impression can work wonders. 

the how

First up, we'll have a Pinterest party. We'll pull together a shared board that has anything and everything that you want your new visual branding to encapsulate. We'll then chat it out during a 30 minute Skype (or phone) call.  

Next, I'll create 2 Mood Boards for review. Once we're on the same page, I'll start narrowing down on core colors and font choices. Then I'll start to design your personal Brand Style Guide and a simple text-based logo.

You'll receive 2 initial logo ideas, with your chosen favorite being developed into your final logo, and the opportunity for two rounds of revisions before your final Brand Style Guide is completed.

Once we have your Brand Style Guide, we'll start evolving your copy. We'll go through what you already have page by page and begin the up-leveling process. Throughout this process I am your guide, your sounding board -- I will not be writing any of the copy.

As we wrap up your copy, we'll arrange a Skype hand over session where you'll have an opportunity to ask final clarifying questions about anything we've worked on together.



1 | Re-Branding

Internally, branding is the soul, mission, and values of your business. Externally, branding is your overall visual identity. We'll be creating a Brand Style Guide with 'go to' color, font, graphic, and photo style choices that reflect the soul, mission, and values behind your business.

2 | Copy update

Additionally, we'll lovingly go through your existing copy and make adjustments that are more aligned with where you currently are in your life and in your business. I'll facilitate this process in a feelings-focused way that will remind you a lot of The Desire Map. :)


Price Structure

The breakdown:

- ONE - 

+ Full Brand Style Guide, to include color, font, graphic, and image stye choices
+ Typographic Logo
+ Full creative direction

$800 USD


- tWO - 
Copy Update

+ Eight hour copy update process on four existing Squarespace pages (Home, About, Work With Me, and Desire Map) allowing two hours per page

$400 USD

total cost:

$1,200 USD



If you have any questions, please get in touch. I'm happy to chat further with you via phone or email. 

If you're feeling like: "Hell yes! When do we start?", simply let me know. We'll agree on a start date securable upon full or first initial payment.

Installments are available - just ask!